If we did not cut it right, we’ll make it right.
We measure every piece we cut again before we ship it, to make sure you get the size you ordered, but sadly we are only human and can make mistakes.  If the material or thickness is wrong, or it was not cut to the size you specified (within our standard tolerances), give us a call on 01326 378811. We’ll give you a return authorization number, and tell you how to send it back.

If we did cut it right, we’re sorry but we cannot take it back, however we can cut you another one.
Once we cut a stock size piece, we cannot ever sell it as a full size piece again. So, PLEASE MEASURE CAREFULLY, and DOUBLE CHECK YOUR MEASUREMENTS BEFORE YOU ORDER. Remember the old adage : measure twice, cut once. WE do it before we cut your piece, and YOU should do it before you order.